Background of this Website

The information and pictures on the website are based on five expeditions, each lasting several months, with a sea kayak along the largely uninhabited northeast coast of Australia between Cooktown and Cape York in the years 2004 to 2009. The total duration of these tours was about 18 months.

Sea kayak of the author Steffen Pichler pulled a bit onto a deserted beach.

The food supply was provided by fishing, hunting for mud crabs and collecting mussels as well as vegetable fruits, nuts, leaves and root tubers. Most of the photos of Saltwater Crocodiles shown on this website were taken during the last two expeditions in 2008 and 2009, following a request from Australian friends to use my experience to help educate people about the Saltwater Crocodile.

So there was no motive to write “travelogues” or something like that or even to advertise the imitation of such expeditions. By the way, I hereby expressly point out that imitation, at least without many years of previous experience, would be associated with concrete dangers to life and limb for a number of different reasons and is therefore urgently warned against at this point.

In the run-up to the expeditions there were contacts to traditional landowners of different tribes of the aborigines. I was granted permission to enter the country, especially because I was always on my way alone and assured respectful behaviour in every regard. Exceptions to this permission were certain sections of the coast where I never landed. In the course of the mentioned period there were inquiries of local press representatives, which I always used to support the interests of the traditional landowners as well as the protection of the coastline from industrial developments (see below: Excerpt from the “Torres News” (Thursday Island) of 24 November 2004).

Newspaper article of the "Torres News". Headline "Kayakers conservation call" with a picture of the kayak just beeing unpacked by the author Steffen Pichler after the arrival on Thursday island.