The Saltwater Crocodile – A Mirror of undescribed natural Laws

by Steffen Pichler

The real-life observation of the largest reptile on earth, the Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), reveals fundamental laws of nature that are emirically provable, but despite this have never been explained to you in schools or colleges of civilization. This knowledge is much more important than any mathematics and it can also replace everything that religions or philosophies have ever invented. It is suitable for establishing a completely new and very positive view of the world.

What will now be at the core of the matter can be summarised as follows: The Saltwater Crocodiles are the physical strongest and also the most successful predators of their habitat in evolutionary terms. They are by far at the absolute top of the food pyramid and kill other animals in this position for the purpose of obtaining food. At the same time, however, no alternative top of this food pyramid could be found or even conceived, which would disturb the weaker animals of the environment – including the prey – less in their free development or otherwise damage them. This extreme adjustment goes so far that even the killing of the loot takes place so fast and surprisingly that thereby almost or no real suffering develops.

The coincidence of these two seemingly contradictory extremes is not due to chance, but to an evolutionary adaptation to the aforementioned laws of nature. And on closer inspection, it becomes apparent that these laws have always ordered all life on planet Earth.

For most people this statement will seem absurd at first. This is not least due to the fact that in their minds an image dominated by the mass media and other secondary sources prevails, in which the crocodile is reduced to its huge mouth with the big teeth, as well as to those – in reality tiny – parts of its existence, in which it is a matter of killing the prey. The everyday real effects of the big reptile on its entire environment, on the other hand, are almost never reflected.

Golden shining saltwater crocodile in swell.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, the following preliminary remark is indispensable: It is not a question of the Saltwater crocodiles having developed their lack of disturbance towards other living beings in the sense of a cognitively generated or even their own “moral” intention. Rather, the orientation of the corresponding features of their physique and behaviour has emerged through millions of years of evolutionary selection. But this is precisely what makes them evidence of fundamental orders and laws that are present in the overall structure of animate nature.

Alternatively, a comparison can be made with the effects of the laws around gravitation: The fact that celestial bodies shape themselves towards absolute roundness the larger they become is not based on any inherent “intention” on their part, but to the fact that an increasing quantity of attracting atoms “strives” steadily in the direction of the centre of the total mass due to gravitation.

The photographs shown and the practical observations were taken during a stay of a total of one and a half years with a sea kayak on the deserted northeast coast of Australia north of Cooktown. Therefore the pictures show only free Saltwater Crocodiles directly at the coast and there is no other website with such a number of authentic photographs of free Saltwater Crocodiles in or at the sea. The specimen shown on this website were neither in captivity nor were they manipulated by feeding. This is of great importance. Because only when the giant reptiles unfold their entire being freely, they reveal their secrets, so to speak. The photos are not high-resolution because I only had room for a small compact camera. But they come from a place where hardly anyone ever goes. (more infos on the backround)

Four concrete Assumptions as Basis for the Proof of the so far undescribed Laws of Nature

To provide a realistic picture of the largest reptiles on the planet and to prove the undescribed laws of nature mirrored in them, I now make four assumptions. You can get detailed information about each of the four topics via the recognizable links or directly via the menu above. It is important to take an unemotional and quasi mechanical view while reading. The subject is not in the least something spiritual or esoteric, but concretely describable mechanisms of nature, such as they are described on gravitation or electromagnetism. So here follow the four assumptions:

1. The Saltwater Crocodile is the absolute top of the ecological food pyramid in its habitat, the transitional zone between land and water, both in terms of physical strength and the maximum size of potential prey organisms. (s. Apex Predator)

2. In terms of life form, the Saltwater Crocodile and similar relatives have held the position at the absolute top of the food pyramid in the habitat of transition between land and water for longer than any other life form has been able to. (s. Evolution)

3. No animal species, at the top of the food pyramid at the transition of land and water, could be found or conceived to disturb the relatively weaker animals of its habitat less in their free development or otherwise damaging them, than the Saltwater Crocodile. (s. Ecological Harmony)

4. No organism could be found or conceived at the top of the food pyramid at the transition of land and water, which would cause less damage to its potential and actual prey, and restrict their free development less, than the Saltwater Crocodile. (s. Hunting Behaviour)

After Confirmation, a mutualistic Symbiosis is discernible that extends to the entire Ecosystem

The veracity of the four assumptions would mean that the physically strongest and most stable animal species at the absolute top of the food pyramid would disturb or damage the weaker animals in their habitat as little as possible. The evidence will show that this can be traced back to many characteristics of anatomy and behaviour patterns, ones that have evolved through evolutionary processes.

These are extreme adaptations to calmness and inconspicuousness, up to the no-longer increaseable speed of the predation processes, whereby the smallest possible suffering arises with the animals of prey. Finally, the whole phenomenon will prove to be part of a symbiosis between the Saltwater Crocodile and the entire surrounding ecosystem, whose interactions are mutually beneficial.

This will detail a form of mutualism whose framework surpasses anything that has been described so far on this subject in the ecological sciences. Almost all descriptions of mutualistic relationships deal only with specific interactions between two or three species for mutual benefit. In the collective world view of mankind, even supposed certainty is firmly established: nature resembles a chaos in which the most successful organisms assert themselves as “ruthlessly” as possible on both the evolutionary and existing levels. With the proof of the four assumptions, this would be refuted and indeed the opposite would be recognizable. Such a wide-ranging dimension of mutualistic effect could not possibly have arisen by chance.

Saltwater crocodile is watching out of ocean swell.

Rather, evolutionary adaptations to fundamental laws of nature must have taken place, which in turn could be defined. How huge – and admittedly unbelievable at first – the scope of this connection actually is will be shown later, among other things, by the fact that the alleged effects of Saltwater Crocodiles on the life forms that surround them are congruent, in a purely mechanical sense, with those for whose causes concepts such as “respect” have formed in almost all the world’s languages – and which we humans like to call exclusive spiritual products.

The Verification would be diametrically opposed to the common and central Concepts of Religions

The recognition of such a framework of undescribed natural laws would open up a new direction of perspective, which would lead into deep levels of the structure of the world that no space telescope or previous scientific discipline has ever reached. Many of the “ethical” parts of common philosophies or religious and spiritual concepts would also be overtaken in an empirically justifiable way. This would result in a completely new and expandable approach to knowledge that goes far beyond the boundaries of previous natural research, and one that actually touches on the areas that many people have so far probably assigned to the term “god”. Please, however, do not misunderstand this last statement.

Photography of a galaxy by NASA.

This documentation deals only with observable and empirically describable facts based on definable mechanisms, such as those found in gravity. Whether the Saltwater Crocodile could be suitable for something like an empirical “proof of god” would be left to the interpretation of others. It should be noted, however, that the evidence would clearly demonstrate the falseness of such religious concepts in which man ultimately always somehow declares himself the “crowning of creation”. It would be diametrically opposed to such inventions as the “command of god to subjugate the earth”.

Logical subsequent steps following verification of the observation and reflection of the Saltwater Crocodiles would have to be such as to break down the effects of the previously undescribed laws and correlations of nature over the entire ecosystem. The Saltwater Crocodile can only actually be something like a particularly high-grade pointing of the correlation, through which the effects of the laws become particular clearly recognizable. In fact, the same schema could also be shown quite well with virtually all other top predators – albeit somewhat more elaborately – such as sharks, tigers and eagles. And finally, it can also be found in the analytical view of the details of the entire ecosystem of planet Earth.

The Effects on Life as a whole and the Consequences of Non-detection and Non-observance

If the principles at stake here now order the whole of animate nature, similarly to what gravity does with matter, then there can be nothing more important to civilization than to make up for the missing knowledge as quickly as possible. It could further be concluded that the entire food basis of mankind is based on a concept contrary to these laws of nature.

Several chicken in narrow cage.

Already, short reflections on our own effects on the lifelong enslaved “farm animals”, as well as on the natural environment, show again the diametric opposite to the effects of Saltwater Crocodiles on prey and the ecosystem. While the prey of the crocodile enjoys a life in freedom for its entire lifetime until the surprising ending in a matter of seconds, the billions of farm animals of humans spend their entire existence in an artificial hell, usually never see the sun or the moon and are then transported to their chanceless killing.

These facts could again be personally relevant for those who ask themselves questions about god and personal guilt – aspects that won’t play a role in this documentation. But because it is impossible to break the laws of nature, we as the whole of civilization would move towards a wall at blazing speed by ignoring them. And the impact would not only smash the system of civilization, but could even destroy all higher life on this planet.

Long beach with saltwater crocodile.

The mechanisms of the representational laws of nature, as well as the psychological backgrounds and physical consequences of their non-recognition in the system of civilization, are dealt with in a theoretical reflection after the dealing of the last of the four assumptions. I have presented an even more detailed treatment in my enlightenment novel (The Golden Spring) aimed at the mediation of the overall context, and is probably even better understood by the layman. (Book is currently only available in German language – translation is in process, the novel will app. be available in February 2021) .

The book also reflects on the point of view of free animals in nature, which has always been accompanied by great pleasure and a very broad and intense horizon of experience. In connection with the knowledge of the aforementioned laws of nature, a strongly expanded and extremely positive image of nature and consequently the entire world is emerging.

For now it is recommended, however, to concentrate only on the investigation of the four assumptions and to read the evidence carefully. For those who have become familiar with the Saltwater Crocodile and have recognized the accuracy of the four assumptions it will be much easier to understand the overall context of nature. Here, we will move to the first verification:

1. The Saltwater Crocodile is the absolute top of the ecological food pyramid in its habitat, the transitional zone between land and water, both in terms of physical strength and the maximum size of potential prey organisms.