THE FREE CROCODILE – A true Nature Book by Steffen Pichler

For decades, Steffen Pichler traveled the planet’s most remote coasts in a sea kayak, feeding on nature. In the far northeast of Australia, he intensively encountered the largest reptiles on earth, the saltwater crocodiles. Thereby he made a spectacular discovery, which may seem absurd at first: This animal, which is endowed with extreme physical strength and an equal ability to self-defense, has oriented itself in evolution, both with regard to all characteristics of anatomy as well as behavior, to disturb or harm the other (weaker) creatures of its environment so slightly that it could not be further reduced, even theoretically, for an absolute top of the ecological food pyramid. In the everyday life this shows up by gapless characteristics of extreme inconspicuousness, calmness and restraint. But even the in the ecological top position inevitable killing of the prey takes place so surprisingly and fast that the generated suffering could not be smaller.

Pichler proves, also using his photographs of free-living saltwater crocodiles, that all this is the result of an evolutionary adaptation to the most fundamental laws of animate nature and that exactly here lies the real reason for the unprecedented permanence of the life form “crocodile” at the top of the food pyramid with numerous species for over 200 million years. He shows that these laws must have ordered life since its beginnings and that they can be described similarly concretely as it is possible with the already known physical laws of the space-time structure, such as gravity. A reflection, that opens up a huge field of possible knowledge, which has not been tapped so far in the natural sciences. Thereby the real core cause for all present problems of the civilization becomes recognizable and even greater dangers become visible, which have arisen by the disregard of the said laws of nature. And finally the insight leads even beyond the observable world of the universe – in a serious approach based on pure observation and logic.

Current note: The explanations formerly available on this website have been integrated in a revised and supplemented form into the book “THE FREE CROCODILE” and are therefore no longer available here. The publication of the book is planned for August / September 2021.

Below you find a selection of photos, all taken by the author during those expeditions, which are the basis of the book “THE FREE CROCODILE”. The total duration of these stays in the farthest, uninhabited northeast of Australia north of Cooktown was about one and a half years. Food was obtained almost without provisions by hunting and gathering in the wild. In the run-up to the expeditions there were contacts with representatives of different tribes of the traditional landowners. The author was given permission to stay in the areas. Exceptions were certain places on the coast, which he therefore never entered. Over the years, there have been occasional inquiries by local press reporters, which Pichler has always used to support the interests of the traditional landowners as well as the protection of the coastline from the efforts of various industries. The following is an example from the “Torres News” (Thursday Island) of December 2004.

Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) – Some pictures by Steffen Pichler as to be found in the book: